Kinetic people are committed to performing work in the safest manner possible, consistent with good application practices. As a result, kinetic’s safety record is consistently better than the industry average. Our extensive safety program reflects our belief that people are the most valuable asset. Safety is the determining factor in almost every facet of work, including productivity, reputation, employee relations, and financial Kinetic is committed to the highest standards of safety and security performance possible consistent with sound practices. An organized and effective safety program is developed for each location. We recognize the achievements of those who directly supervise projects with outstanding safety records. We also hold weekly meetings to discuss general safety issues. Providing a safe work environment is a priority and adherence to safety policies is a condition of employment.

1. Safety Equipment:
Safety equipment such as helmets, boots, harnesses, safety glasses, warning tape, ear plugs …etc, will be provided on site for the total duration of the project. This equipment will be kept on site in a special storage area. Supervisors will insure that workers receive the necessary protective clothing and safety equipment based on the work requirements at start of work.

2. Accidents.
Any Incident, however small, is immediately reported to the site supervisor. Job sites will consist of at least one personnel with sufficient medical knowledge equipped with necessary medical equipment to provide first aid attention, medical services and taking care of emergencies and sudden accidents. A vehicle will be available to transfer sever conditions to the nearest hospital. Injured labors are extract-ed immediately and moved at least 10m away from work location, then attended to. In case of seri-ous injuries, the injured is directly transferred to the nearest hospital.
A company doctor, authorized from Ministry of Health, is always standby for emergencies.

3. Specific Safety Rules and Guidelines:

To ensure safety, the following rules and guidelines are observed and obeyed by all staff working at the site:
1. All workers shall wear proper protective durable shoes, no sandals or sport shoes allowed.
2. Hard hats shall be worn by workers, engineers and staff entering job site during the whole dura-tion of the project.
3. Proper protective suits, high visibility vests, masks and gloves will be worn by any workers ex-posed to toxic chemical vapors or gases.
4. Eye protection such as safety glasses or visors shall be worn by any workers performing con-crete chipping, hammering, mining or any other work that could cause eye injuries
5. Hearing protection and protective ear plugs shall be worn by any workers exposed to potential damaging noises including jack hammers, power saws, and grinders.
6. Safety harnesses shall be worn by any laborers working on elevated scaffolds, ladders or any elevated areas exceeding 2 meters. All scaffolds, ladders will be inspected by Kinetic safety engineer or supervisor prior to beginning of work.
7. Warning tape and warning signs shall be used around any work areas, high voltage power boards, chemical or toxic materials.
8. The use of equipment and tool such as grinders, cutting tools will be operated by qualified, well trained personnel.
9. Periodical maintenance and inspection will be performed by qualified personnel to all tools and equipment such as grinders, cutters, mixing drill, shot blasters to insure the durability and safety of any equipment used on the job site.
10. All material delivered or stored on site will be according to manufacturing instruction.
11. Mixing of substances and chemicals will be performed in safe, ventilated areas using proper tools & equipment, according to manufacturer instructions.
12. All employees will be covered under workmen compensation insurance policy including acci-dents, death, permanent or partial disability
13. Stop work authority will be given to Kinetic QC and safety personnel for any worker, Forman, machine operator not complying with safety guidelines and rules, in coordination with the project manager.
14. Enclosed work areas to be well ventilated, equipped with sufficient exhaust fans and vacuum machines.
15. Special masks equipped with oxygen will be provided for any labors working in enclosed areas.
16. Insure that Fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment are well provided in storage areas and in work sites


4. Housekeeping.

Work location is kept clean and orderly. All machines and other objects are kept out of the center of aisles. Materials and tools are stored carefully, in boxes when required. Cleanup of spills, drips and leaks is performed immediately to avoid slip and falls. Trash and debris is disposed off and placed in proper waste locations.
Kinetic Management is convinced that:
• Accidents are preventable.
• HSE is a line responsibility.
• A responsible company cares for its employers.
• HSE is of equal importance to other business objectives (HSE is a Value).
• A safe operation is an efficient and a more profitable operation.

Furthermore, it is the Company’s policy to:
• Avoid causing harm to the occupational health of, or injury to employees and others, damage to property from operations including those from sub-contractors.
• Promote safety consciousness to company employees and sub-contractors, the importance of the environment and commitment of company employees and contractor staff in developing and apply-ing this policy, the company employees, sub-contractors and relevant authorities will be kept well in-formed on what the company is doing to improve the quality and safety of the working environment.
• Pay appropriate regard to the environment by keeping air, water, soil, plant, and animal life from ad-verse effects of company operations those of sub-contractors, acting on company behalf, and mini-mize any damage which may arise from such operations.
• Take the initiative necessary to promote work and improve codes of practice, apply regulations which relate to the above matters.
• Encourage, support or conduct studies directed towards the improvement of safety and health at work towards the abatement of pollution.
• Facilitate the transfer to others of the developed, know how in the mentioned fields, future require-ment and expected developments in these areas of the companies long term planning.
• Liaise and cooperate with organizations that conduct similar operations in order to improve and main-tain health, safety and environment protection.
• Implement the Zero Accident Philosophy in all of our projects and activities.
• Safety is responsibility of everyone.
• Implement the HSE- Management System in all company projects.
• Commitment to continual improvement.