Energy Management services

HVAC Controls

An efficient HVAC control system is required to control the rising energy cost and maintaining building comfort. With years of experience, KINETIC brings the best engineering efficiency to your building. Our services from design, integration and commissioning to energy assessment, ensures productivity and comfort for occupants. Advancement in network Technology offers reliability, connectivity, and analytics to optimise the system performance.

Power Monitoring and Management

Our team understands the inherent challenges of controlling energy usage. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can identify, rectify and tackle any challenge that may come with your power system. We offer intelligent functional solutions to help you improve energy utilization per unit of production output, lower production risks and reduce miscellaneous costs associated with maintaining quality and compliance.

Energy Verification &Measurements

We offer a comprehensive range of energy Measurement and Verification services for commercial energy saving initiatives. Our impartial analysis provides customers with the highest-quality proof of performance, enabling them to deliver proven energy efficiency information to management, customers, stakeholders or investors and to make informed future energy efficiency plans based on robust and proven data.

Energy contract management

Facing higher energy costs and unstable market conditions? Customer expectations rising (more for less) due to market liberalization? Troubled by staffing and budget cutbacks? Industry and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) standards compliance issues a constant concern? Automate and simplify your Energy & Utilities contract management processes with KINETIC.

Integrated Automation & Light Control

KINETIC specializes in integration of multiple systems that can be either just monitored and able to create alerts (flood detection, temperature monitoring i.e. freeze alert, surveillance system) or fully controlled (security and access control systems including gates and garage overhead doors, climate, lighting, pool and spa, lawn sprinkler, blinds and shades).  

The introduction of renewable energy sources.

We believe in a low carbon sustainable future, that indeed an emerging emergency situation to safe guard life in earth, the great support for future of the world and life in beautiful living planet. Our contribution - we plan, engineer, develop, construct and operate energy generation projects (small and medium) of bio-fuel, wind, solar, biomass and hydropower designed and built to generate energy in the most economical way and with very less environmental impact.